Seminar Series

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2018

FHS Research in Progress Talks - Update on the Faculty of Health Sciences’ Strategic Research Plan 
Dr. Tim Takaro


SEPTEMBER 20, 2018

Circadian disruption, light-at-night and cancer
Dr. Manolis Kogevinas


SEPTEMBER 27, 2018

Tracking Ebola with Phones and Drones: Limits of Big Data in Epidemic Containment
Dr. Susan Erikson


OCTOBER 11, 2018

FHS Seminar Series - Medicine Unbundled
Gary Geddes


OCTOBER 18, 2018

Is violence in health care in BC an intractable problem? Highlights from a program of research
Dr. Christopher McLeod and Sharon Provost


OCTOBER 25, 2018

Evolutionary Dynamics of the Immune Response to Cancer: Implications for Immunotherapy
Dr. Brad Nelson


NOVEMBER 1, 2018

Community- and population-level uses for pathogen genomic data in understanding and controlling infectious disease
Dr. Caroline Colijn


NOVEMBER 8, 2018

Findings from an evaluation of Better at Home, a non-medical home support program for seniors in British Columbia
Dr. David Whitehurst


NOVEMBER 15, 2018

Exposure to Early Life Stress and Glucocorticoids: Focus on Epigenetic Mechanisms
Dr. Nadine Provençal


NOVEMBER 22, 2018

FHS Research in Progress Talks - Upstream Prevention: Grappling with Hypertension in a Kenyan Refugee Camp
Naima Osman


NOVEMBER 29, 2018

Methods for combining multiple types of omics data to derive novel understanding of complex disease
Dr. Sara Mostafavi


DECEMBER 6, 2018

The search for new bioactive agents from Australian terrestrial and marine biota
Dr. Rohan Davis