Top Row, L-R: Layla Gould, Nicole Cohen, Rand Wang, Caitlin Owens, and Sara Magdalinski. Bottom Row, L-R: Sara Ghassimi, Chelan Slater, Brianna Dol, Susie Toe, and Emily Cam.

FHS Fall 2021 Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship Recipients

December 13, 2021

 A number of new undergraduate students who joined the Faculty of Health Sciences this Fall 2021 semester received scholarships to help them begin their university education.

Susie Toe: SFU International Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (with distinction)

Susie Safie Toe is a graduate of the IB diploma program from Pearson College UWC. At her UWC school, she was involved and one of the leaders of the Christian Fellowship, Black Student Union, Women Empowerment Club, and Computer Science Club. In her spare time, she is in the gym, cooking, dancing, and watching movies with friends. Toe is committed to volunteering in her community especially with seniors, children, and the Food Bank. 

Toe is passionate about the health of the individual person and public health in general. She hopes that learning about health will help her develop a deeper understanding of the human body and delve deeper into the risk factors for disease acquisition, explore research opportunities, and form valuable connections with her peers and faculty. After graduation, Toe plans to apply to medical school with the goal of becoming a pediatrician.

Rand Wang: SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (with distinction)

Rand Wang recently graduated from the French immersion program at Hugh McRoberts Secondary. During his time in high school, Wang was avidly involved in his school’s social justice club, volleyball teams, and coaching opportunities. Outside of school, Wang volunteered with the Catching The Spirit youth society for six years as a peer leader, leading and planning camps for youth.

Through these extra curricular experiences, Wang has grown an interest for mentoring and bringing out people's ideal mental and physical potential, and especially with children. At SFU, he hopes to learn how to become an active health sciences leader in his community, ultimately working towards a goal of becoming a french immersion science teacher or physiotherapist.

Caitlin Owens: SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (with distinction)

Caitlin Owens is from Port Moody and graduated from Gleneagle Secondary School. She was in the TALONS district-level gifted program, where she participated in honours and outdoor education courses. She also works for Sasamat Outdoor Center, a non-profit that aims to make outdoor education and summer camp available and accessible for all children. In her spare time, she plays field hockey as a goalkeeper. She is involved with the Tri Cities Field Hockey Club, where she also coaches – working with both a youth team and goalies of all ages. Aside from her Entrnace Scholarship, she also received the Dave Stevens Scholarship from the Sasamat Outdoor Center.

Owens is passionate about infectious diseases and hopes to go into academia and research. Her particular interests are the impacts of social determinants of health on the spread of infectious diseases, and she hopes to use her education to become an advocate working with marginalized communities

Emily Cam: SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (with distinction)

Emily Cam graduated from the leadership program, Inter-A, at Queen Elizabeth Secondary. Through her time in the program, Cam found the basis for her love of service and leadership. Cam has been involved in several volunteer and leadership experiences that allowed her to learn the importance of a supportive community. She loves working with children, especially throughout her roles as a karate instructor and day camp volunteer. Outside of volunteering and school, Cam’s favourite thing to do is spend a day in her warm bed reading a good book.

Cam is passionate about creating connections with like-minded individuals who believe in inclusion and making a positive change in the world. She hopes to transition from her volunteerism with children and become a pediatric nurse who works toward providing a safe environment for all patients. Through her studies in Health Sciences and passion for helping others, Cam has a goal to make a positive impact on society.

Brianna Dol: SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (with distinction)

Brianna Dol is from Port Coquitlam and graduated from British Columbia Christian Academy Secondary School. In her spare time, she likes playing the trumpet and tuba, snare drumming, and singing. She also enjoys weightlifting, being outdoors, reading, baking, and painting. Dol mainly volunteers by teaching trumpet and helping in Sunday school. She also sings and plays her trumpet at senior care homes and legions around the lower mainland.

Dol is passionate about learning how the human body works and the determinants of health. She is especially interested in learning about mental health, cancer, and autoimmune disorders. Dol plans on majoring in Life Sciences to understand why people get sick, and use that knowledge to help prevention efforts. During her time at SFU, she would like to go on medical mission trips to volunteer in other countries. After graduating, she plans to apply to medical school and aspires to become a general surgeon.

Chelan Slater: SFU Undergraduate Scholars Entrance Scholarship (with distinction)

Chelan Slater lives in the city of Coquitlam and graduated with Honours and Great Distinction from Terry Fox Secondary School. Slater was a multisport athlete who played soccer, basketball, and volleyball for Fox as well as club soccer and basketball. She loves health and fitness and aspires to go to medical school after her undergraduate degree. Slater was born with congenital heart disease that has required her to be followed by a cardiologist her entire life. This gave rise to her interest in pursuing a degree in medicine, and eventually specializing in cardiology. She has immense gratitude and fascination for this field of medicine that has allowed her to live a healthy life, and she hopes to help families and patients in the future with similar circumstances. In addition to her SFU scholarship, she also received a Karin Khuong (2K) Memorial Scholarship for Courage and Resiliency, a BC Achievement Scholarship, a District Authority Scholarship, and the Terry Fox Inspirational Athlete Award

At SFU, Slater plans to complete a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and hopes to increase her knowledge in the topics of human disease and genetics. She loves to travel and plans on studying abroad during her third year.

Sara Ghassimi: Tadeusz Specht Memorial Scholarship

Sara Ghassimi is a Burnaby North Secondary School graduate. During highschool, Ghassimi volunteered at Neighbourhood Art Studios by helping children create art, which inspired her to continue volunteering and pursue achieving the Duke Of Edinburgh Award. She had the opportunity to engage with the people in her community of Burnaby, and hear about their experiences through the pandemic when she began volunteering and eventually working at a local dental clinic. Hardworking in nature, Ghassimi has spent the last 12 years perfecting her piano skills. Outside of school, she enjoys drawing and painting, and playing the piano.

Ghassimi is passionate about the field of public health and plans to broaden her knowledge on the causes and prevention of disease and the social determinants of health. During her studies, she hopes to become an active member of the SFU community, and continue to learn more about the fascinating field of public health.

Layla Gould: Tadeusz Specht Memorial Scholarship in Health Sciences

Layla Gould is from Surrey, BC, and graduated from Fraser Heights Secondary School. Before COVID-19, she played lacrosse for many different associations. One of her biggest achievements was being able to play for the Team BC girl’s field lacrosse team for a couple of years.

During this time, she travelled to the US and played against several teams at various tournaments where she met some amazing people. In her spare time she likes to read and spend time with her family, watch movies, play board games, and run. Gould joined the Health Sciences program because she is passionate about health and the medical care system. Consequently, she wants to learn more about the different aspects of the medical system. During her time at SFU, she looks forward to embracing opportunities to learn and connect with people. After graduation, she is contemplating a career in the medical field.

Sara Magdalinski: Tadeusz Specht Memorial Scholarship in Health Sciences

Sara Magdalinski graduated from Pitt Meadows Secondary in the French Immersion program.  When not in school, she could often be found on the soccer field, as a player on her BCSPL team, captain on her school soccer team, as a referee and as a referee mentor. She has been very engaged in her community and has taken part in many volunteer opportunities, including becoming a Team Lead at Ridge Meadows Hospital's Volunteen program, volunteering for her high school’s Red Cross Club, and helping at food banks. Apart from this, she enjoys hiking, snowboarding, and  volleyball.  

Magdalinski has always been passionate about health sciences and is excited to have the opportunity to learn more about both the social and science aspects of health. After completing her undergraduate degree, she hopes to attend medical school and become a physician.

Nicole Cohen: Tadeusz Specht Memorial Scholarship in Health Sciences

Nicole Cohen is an IB diploma program graduate from Sir Winston Churchill High School in Calgary, Alberta, hailing originally from Brazil. She was a lead member in her school’s volunteering community and outreach team, as well as a debate and speech club member. Outside of school, her hobbies include reading, making art, and figure skating. She’s also an executive team member for The Written Revolutions, for which she shares her poetry. Cohen is passionate about volunteering in her community as she finds importance in connecting with the local culture, as well as being an active participant for the community’s well-being.

Cohen is strongly interested in global health, particularly concerning epidemiology and immunology, and has a keen interest in the field of medicine as well. During her time at SFU, she hopes to expand her knowledge within these fields, additionally forming meaningful connections with her peers delving into research opportunities.