Shabnam Raufi

2020 has undoubtedly been an unprecedented year with its challenges. It is a time where everything we knew as normal was turned upside down, and we had to readjust all aspects of our daily lives. Students and professors had to adapt to a new learning environment and foster a positive learning environment online. Researchers, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers came together from all over the world committed to fighting COVID-19, and this shows how we can all come together in times of need. I am grateful to be studying in the Faculty of Health Sciences and learning more about COVID-19 and its impact through my courses.

Shabnam Raufi is a BSc candidate completing fourth year of studies at FHS. She is one of the recipients of the Dr. Jack Uppal Community Service Award. 


Hasham Kamran

2020 was meant to be the year where I would have travelled abroad to conduct my practicum and networked further with professors and classmates. COVID-19 managed to cancel a lot of those pre-planned adventures. However, it also came with unexpected benefits. Over the summer, I had the privilege to work with three FHS faculty members on projects related to substance use and addiction. I had the opportunity to further enhance my training in my area of interest and was also able to investigate the intersectionality of the overdose cirsis with COVID-19. I am grateful for the in-house experts at FHS who were able to provide an excellent learning oppoortunity to me and feel well-prepared for opportunities post-graduation. 
Hasham is an MPH candidate at FHS. In 2020, he received the Judy Graves Award for Graduate Studies which recognizes students addressing and advocating for health and social equity for marginalized populations.