Research Centres & Laboratories

Research Centres


  • Health Sciences Stats & Epi Laboratory (McCandless Lab)
    Director: Dr. Lawrence McCandless
    Lab Tel: 778-782-8651
    Building Address: Level 11 (3rd floor), Rm 11520. Blusson Hall
  • HIV/AIDS Molecular Epidemiology  Laboraratory (Brumme Lab)
    Director: Dr. Zabrina Brumme
    Personnel: Tristan Markle, Research Assistant
    Lab Tel: 778-782-8889
    Building Address: TASC2 (Technology and Applied Sciences Building 2) Room 8130

  • Infectious Diseases Immunology Laboratory (Pantophlet Lab)
    Dr. Ralph Pantophlet
    Personnel: Caitlyn Rempel, Research Assistant
    Lab Tel: 778-782-8751
    Building Address: Level 11(3rd floor) Lab, Rm 11750, Blusson Hall

  • Infectious Diseases Virology Laboratory (Niikura Lab)
    Director: Dr. Masahiro Niikura
    Lab Tel: 778-782-8743
    Building Address: Level 11(3rd floor) Lab, Rm 11750, Blusson Hall

  • Maternal and Child Health Laboratory (Nepomnaschy Lab)
    Director: Dr. Pablo Nepomnaschy
    Personnel: Dr. Katrina Salvante, Lab Manager
    Building Address: Level 11 (3rd floor) Lab, Rm 11750, Blusson Hall

  • Molecular Immunity Lab (Scott Lab)
    Director: Dr. Jamie Scott, Tier 1 CRC in Molecular Immunity
    Personnel: Naveed Gulzar PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow
    Lab Tel: 778-782-5656
    Building Address: Dept. of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Science Building (SSB) 7136

  • Teaching Lab
    Senior Lab Lecturer: Dr. Mark Lechner
    Personnel: Lingling Zhang, Teaching Lab Technician
    Lab Tel: 778-782-8747
    Building Address: Teaching Lab, Level 1, Rm 9610, Blusson Hall