Prenatal exposure to environmental contaminants and fetal growth: How to account for multiplicity when testing multiple statistical hypotheses?

Population and public health
Posted: September 03, 2015

Principal Investigators

McCandless, L; Lanphear, B


Bornn L; Braun J; Kosatsky T; Moodie E; Phipps E; Rempel E; Steele R; Stephens D; Venners S; Woods M.


CIHR Planning Grant - $12,500


2015 -2016


The planning grant will bring together stakeholders including Bayesian statisticians, child health researchers, epidemiologists, trainees and decision makers. We will exchange knowledge on current practices to adjust for multiplicity from testing hypotheses from correlated exposure variables in perinatal epidemiology. The planning activities will shape a research agenda for investigating novel Bayesian approaches and computational tools to support perinatal epidemiology.