Lauren Currie

Lecturer, Faculty of Health Sciences


  • BSc (Honours), Biology, Queen's University
  • MPH, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University
  • PhD Candidate, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University


Lauren Currie is a public health researcher and instructor who is committed to social justice, knowledge exchange and community-based approaches to addressing the social determinants of health. She completed her MPH in population health at SFU where she is currently completing a PhD in the Faculty of Health Sciences. Lauren's MPH and PhD research have centred around the the At Home study – a national multi-site supportive housing intervention trial for people experiencing homelessness and mental illness. Since 2006 Lauren has been actively involved in a variety of projects addressing the needs of vulnerable populations including people experiencing homelessness, mental health and addictions, women involved in the survival sex trade, and low-income families with young children

Teaching Interests

Research Methods; Epidemiology, Social Determinants of Health (with specific focus on vulnerable populations and health inequalities; sex/gender and health); and Substance Use, Mental Health and Addictions.

Research Interests

Population Health, Vulnerable Populations, Homelessness, Mental Health, and Addictions.