Anne-Marie Nicol

Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences


  • BA (Communication), Faculty of Applied Science, Simon Fraser University
  • MES, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University
  • PhD, School of Population and Public Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia


Anne-Marie’s research focuses on the communication of complex scientific and public health information to a range of audiences. Her work is multidisciplinary, crossing the fields of epidemiology, toxicology, social marketing, risk perception and risk assessment. Her particular areas of focus are environmental and occupational exposures that impact health. She has worked at a number of different agencies, including the Occupational Health and Safety Association for Healthcare, the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health and the BC Centres for Disease Control. She also worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia in the Schools of Environmental Health and Population and Public Health between 2007-2013.

Research Interests

Anne-Marie’s research includes both qualitative and quantitative methods and is often intervention based. She has designed a number of innovative public and occupational health awareness campaigns including Wash with Care, a Bollywood themed pesticide exposure program and the Tick Talk, a multi-lingual tick education program for children on ticks. Anne-Marie is also the current Principal Investigator of the CAREX Canada project, Canada’s only national carcinogen surveillance program. At CAREX, Anne-Marie’s focus is on translating knowledge about occupational and environmental carcinogens to policy makers and cancer prevention stakeholders across the country.

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Teaching Interests

Anne-Marie teaches in the areas of Human Health Risk Assessment and Toxicology for Public Health. She also teaches Risk Communication for both science and social science students.

Publications and Activities