Health innovation at SFU

Cutting edge solutions to health challenges

The Faculty of Health Sciences is proud to be part of the push for better health across the globe. We take in some of the brightest undergraduates in health science and our health innovations programs seek to push students even further—using their entrepreneurship and imagination to address urgent healthcare issues.

Current programs

Health Change Lab

Ready for a challenge? The Health Change Lab is a 10-credit, once-in-a-degree experiential learning program. Undergraduate students work in teams from across SFU’s undergraduate faculties to investigate a real social, economic or environmental challenges that impacts community health. Together, they build a response in the form of a sustainable business, and pitch their ideas to community influencers—all in just 13 weeks. In this immersive experience, students learn about the core practices of social innovation, design-thinking, prototyping, and human-centred design.

Sessions are a mix of hands on workshops, coaching by instructors and experts, limited content lectures, guest speakers and open work time in your teams to advance your ideas.

Teams present to partner panels for feedback mid-term. Community organizations and partners from the City of Surrey are available to offer practical advice, helping students build on their ideas, and envision how those ideas could proceed in the real world.