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L10000 - AP and Accrued Liabilities

L11000 - Trade Payables

Amounts billed to the University by its suppliers for goods delivered to or services consumed by the company in the ordinary course of business.

Code Description Definition Examples
2000 Accounts Payable    
2005 Expense Accrual Control    
2010 Payables- Lifelong Learning    
2012 Payables-Ceremonies and Events    
2032 Employee Benefits - MSP    
2034 Employee Benefits - Dental    
2036 Employee Benefits - Ext Health    
2040 Grad Health Plan Dental    
2042 Grad Health Plan Medical    
2044 Ugrad Health Plan Dental    
2046 Ugrad Health Plan Medical    
2048 Private Ins-Interntl Students    

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L12000 - Government Payables

Amounts owed by the University to a Governmental Agency.

Code Description Definition Examples
2100 Sales Tax Payable - BC    
2102 Hotel Room Tax Payable - BC    
2104 Parking Sales Tax Payable 21%    
2106 Environmental Handling Fee    
2110 NR4 Tax Withholding Part XIII    
2112 T4A-NR Tax Withholding    
2120 HST Payable on Sales - PEI    
2122 HST Payable on Sales - ON    
2124 HST Payable on Sales - NS    

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L13000 - Other Payables

Miscellaneous other current loiabilities owed by the University that do not fall under another Payables segment.

Code Description Definition Examples
2200 Misc Accounts Payable    
2205 Payables Suspense/Holding    
2210 Holdbacks and Liens    
2215 Gift Certificates and Cards    
2250 Year-End Payables Setup    

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L14000 - Deferred Revenues

Deferred income is money received for goods or services which have not yet been delivered.

Code Description Definition Examples
2300 DefRev - General    
2310 DefRev - Lifelong Learning    
2312 DefRev - LSG    
2314 DefRev - Film Deposits    
2316 DefRev - Rec and Athletics    
2318 DefRev - IELTS    
2320 DefRev - Parking    
2330 Deferred Severance    
2340 Academic Pension Resve Payable    
2350 Annuity Liability    

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L15000 - Payroll Labilities

Amounts owed by the University that relate to Payroll activity. This includes Statutory deductions (such as payroll tax amounts withheld from employees and Canadian Pension Plan amounts), as well as Benefit and Pension-related amounts.

Code Description Definition Examples
2400 Income Tax Deduction Payable    
2402 CPP Payable    
2404 EI Payable    
2406 WCB Payable    
2410 MSP Payable    
2412 Dental Payable    
2414 Long Term Disability    
2416 Extended Health Benefits    
2418 AD and D Payable    
2422 Group Accident Insurance    
2424 Basic Life Insurance    
2426 Basic Life Wage Indemnity    
2428 Optional Life Insurance    
2430 Other Benefits    
2440 Payroll Dues Payable    
2450 Union Dues Payable    
2460 Pensions Payable    
2470 United Way Payable    
2472 Don To SFU Holding Accnt    
2474 Assignment Of Pay Payable    
2476 Garnishees Payable    
2478 Canada Savings Bonds Payable    
2480 Group RRSP    
2482 Homeowners Insurance Payable    
2484 Translink Payable    
2490 Payroll Benefit Trust Account    
2492 Pay Cheques Requisitn Reissue    
2494 Payroll Clearing Account    

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L16000 - Deposits & Fees

Amounts received from a third party that are held in trust or are an amount payable as an installment, with the balance being payable later.

Code Description Definition Examples
2500 Deposits - General    
2510 Deposits - University Keys    
2512 Deposits - HC Operations Keys    
2520 Deposits - CODE Materials    
2550 Activity Fees - Undergrad    
2560 Activity Fees - Grad    
2570 U-Pass Liability    
2580 Student Capital Levies    
2582 Residence Hall Assoc Fees    

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L17000 - Payables Clearing

Temporary liability accounts that holds costs until they can be transferred elsewhere.

Code Description Definition Examples
2600 Payables Clearing - General    
2610 Unpresented Cheques - CAD    
2612 Unpresented Cheques - USD    
2620 CLASS Refund Clearing    
2622 Great Northern Way Payable    
2624 Criminal Record Check-Clearing    
2640 Canada Student Loan Clearing    

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L18000 - Year-End Accruals

Recognition of incurred liabilities where the expenditure is to occur in the future, but a portion of the expenditure applies to the current Fiscal Year.

Code Description Definition Examples
2650 Accrued Payroll    
2654 Accrued Benefits    
2658 Accrued Vacation Pay    
2660 Accrued Int-Debentures    

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L40000 - Pension Plans

Description to be provided.  

Code Description Definition Examples
2700 FRB Pension Plan Obligations    
2710 FRB Pensions:Unamort.Gain/Loss    

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L50000 - Employee Future Benefits

Description to be provided.

Code Description Definition Examples
2750 EFB Plan Obligations    
2755 EFB Plans:Unamort.Gain/Loss    

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L60000 - Long-Term Liabilities

Liabilities with a future benefit over one year.

Code Description Definition Examples
2800 Demand Loans    
2805 Term Loans    
2810 Mortgages    
2812 Mortgage -Verdant    
2815 Other Offsite Loans    
2820 Debentures    
2825 Debentures - Discount    
2830 SFU Bond    
2835 SFU Bond -Deferred Charges    

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L70000 - Deferred Liabilities

Future Liabilities for the University.

Code Description Definition Examples
2910 Deferred Contribution    
2920 Unapprop Fund Balance    
2950 DCC - Provincial    
2952 DCC - Federal    
2960 DCC - Other    
2975 Deferred Rev-SFUCT / GNW    

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Q10000 - Liabilities & Net Assets

Encumbrances for the University.

Code Description Definition Examples
3120 Reserve for Encumbrances    
3600 Appropriated Fund Balance    
3602 Equity-Self Insurance    
3604 Equity-HC Lease Reserve    
3610 Endowment Equity    
3620 Equity in Plant Assets    
3710 Accumulated Remeasurement GL    
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