Chart of Accounts Translation Tool

COA Translation Tool Download

To use this tool, download it below.

What is the COA translation tool?  

  • The translation tool is an Excel macro for looking up the new Chartfield codes based on the old ones.
  • You can lookup both individual codes as well as Chartfield combinations.
  • The Tool should generally help you to:
    • See how historical transactions were translated to the new Chartfields
    • Understand the new Chartfield combinations to which you should code.

Limitations of the Tool

  • This tool is intended to provide guidance, not to be the final word on which new Chartfield combinations you should use.
    • New departmental and accounting processes are being put into place at SFU, so the old accounting structures that are being translated may no longer apply.
    • The tool is also limited in that it can only present to you translations where the old Chartfield codes had been used.

How do I use it?

You can perform four functions with this Tool (refer to above image):  

  1. Translate legacy Accounts (now called Objects): Specify a legacy Account code or select a description from the dropdown list and the Tool will provide you with the new Object code which it was translated to.
  2. Translate legacy Depts: Specify a legacy DeptID and the Tool will provide you with the default Dept - Program combination which it was translated to.
  3. Translate Legacy Projects: Specify a legacy ProjectID and the tool will provide you with the default Project -Dept, Program, PC Unit & Project ID combination which it was translated to.
  4. Lookup Chartfield Combinations: Enter a legacy Chartfield combination and the Tool will provide you with the new Chartfield combination which it was translated to.
  5. List legacy Chartfield combinations with a specific Dept: Enter a legacy Dept and click the "FY2016 DeptID Usage" button and the Tool will create a separate Excel tab that lists the Chartfield combinations used in Fiscal Year 2016. This gives you a quick look at the historical accounting activity for the Dept. It also can guide you by providing a typical set of Chartfield combinations that your Dept might use.