Finance Training Centre

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FINS Basic Training

FINS is the name of the Peoplesoft Financial system that is used by the University. The three modules that all employees have access to include: 

  •  Travel and Expenses, 
  •  Requisitions and 
  •  Financial Management

FINS Basic Training is a series of online training courses housed in Canvas that provides video instructions on being able to successfully complete a transaction in all three modules.

Access to FINS Basic Training

Ready to start FINS Basic Training?  With your SFU computing ID, simply click on this link and follow the self-enrollment instructions. 


All SFU employees have access to the following courses. When you log in, you will find FINS Basic Training includes the following subtopics:


  • General Guide to FINS

Travel and Expenses

  • Create and Manage Your Cash Advance
  • Create and Manage Your Expense Report 
  • Approving a Cash Advance and Expense Claim


  • Create and Manage Your Requisition
  • View Your Purchase Order 
  • Create and Manage Receipts 
  • Online Approvals for Requisitions

 Financial Management and Reporting

  • Spreadsheet Journal Import (SSJ) Processing 


Fast Basic Training

FAST is the financial reporting tool for University faculty and staff to obtain financial information on their projects and departments. On a nightly basis, FAST extracts data from the Peoplesoft financial systems for inquiry through FAST.

Through a series of online videos, FAST Basic Training will provide instructions on: 

  • Accessing FAST
  • Using the chartfield filter
  • Selecting different report options
  • Understanding the various drilldowns

Access to FAST Basic Training

    Ready to start FAST Basic Training?  With your SFU computing ID, simply click on this link and follow the self-enrollment instructions.