The Procurement Services Department at SFU is responsible for the the purchase of goods and services at the University. The staff are trained professionals with expertise in supply management strategies and Canadian public procurement law.

The Procurement Services Department at SFU has the following responsibilities:

  • Develop overall strategic direction for procurement management and services.
  • Ensure the University conducts its procurement business in an open, transparent and fair manner.
  • Provide consultation to the University community with respect to product sourcing; competitive bid processes; contract review; vendor / contractor qualification, negotiation, development, dispute resolution, relationship and performance management; and tax applicability.
  • Develop and manage competitive bid processes.
  • Develop, negotiate and administer University-wide agreements for broadly used commodities and services by leveraging the full purchasing power of the University and in collaboration with other institutional purchasing co-operatives, CAUBO procurement committee initiatives, and Province of BC corporate supply arrangements.
  • Investigate and facilitate procurement best practice methodologies for the University by providing procurement tools to enable self-sufficiency and operational efficiency.
  • Develop, manage and administer procurement programs such as the Purchasing Card (PCard), Vendor systems contracts (direct online order and payment), and Customs Brokerage Services.
  • Monitor compliance to the University Purchasing Policy and recommend changes resulting from evolving requirements, procurement tools, and methodologies.
  • Oversee the Ethical Procurement Policy and program.
  • Oversee the University Surplus Disposal Policy and program.
  • Participate on various campus committees/task forces regarding current and new initiatives.
  • Promote procurement effectiveness through consultation and training services where required.

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