Commerical cards (CCards) are Scotiabank cards assigned to a member of a SFU department or faculty and are designed to provide a convenient and simplified solution for low-value transactions.

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*For travel booked on the CCard, please refer to section 7 of the procedures for cancelled travel due to COVID-19*

CCard User Guide

Whether you are requesting a new card or need to make changes to an exisiting card, you should download the CCard User GuideView in a new window and familiarize yourself with the program. 

General Overview and Applications


Procurement Services is responsible for administering the CCard program and cards are issued at its discretion. CCard qualifications:

  • Be a SFU employee (either faculty or staff);
  • Agree to and abide by the PCard procedures and guidelines;
  • Have authorization (from your dean or VP, etc.).

New CCard Application

  • To obtain a CCard, you must first complete and submit a CCard request form to Procurement Services.
  • New cards take approximately 7-10 business days;
  • Once the card is ready, Procurement Services will contact you to pick up the card and sign the Cardholder Acknowledgement form.

Existing CCard Changes

  • You must notify Procurement Services if any of your details (faculty, address, etc.) change on an existing CCard. To do so, use the CCard Change Maintenance form.


While CCards are designed to expedite low-value purchases, there are a number of restrictions and limitations:

  • Purchase limitations include $2,500 per transaction and $10,000 per month (including any taxes and freight, in both cases).
  • Certain goods and services are not allowed to be purchased using CCards. This includes the following:
    • Purchases made with Research and Endowment Funds;
    • Capital assets, including furniture and computers;
    • International goods that require customs compliance;
    • Dangerous goods that require special permits;
    • Intellectual property;
    • When vendor requires PO/contract;
    • All purchases made outside of Procurement Services must be confirmed with a invoice or paid receipt showing an itemized breakdown of purchase price, taxes, shipping/handling, and any other fees.
    • Purchases must be made from established commercial firms.
    • SFU must be able to identify that the seller is the rightful owner of the goods and ensure that the goods are safe and of merchantable quality.  
    • Purchases from online consumer-to-consumer marketplaces or auction sites, such as eBay and CraigsList, are not permitted.  
    • An exception may be allowed in the case where a business or institution is liquidating surplus materials through such a marketplace and Procurement can verify the source and quality of the goods in advance.

CCard Management

  • Cardholders are responsible for ensuring that card purchases are reconciled monthly and that proper records are maintained. A statement will be available for download from CentreSuite on the 16th of each month. Transaction reports must be reconciled by the 24th to ensure charges are added to the GL prior to month-end cut-off (CCard/GL upload). To avoid delays, cardholders can view statements and complete reconciliations at any time by accessing their Scotiabank’s “Details Online” account at (Please refer to the CCard GuideView in a new window for full details)
  • The CCard is not transferrable and only the person to whom the CCard is issued may use it. The cardholder will be held responsible for all unauthorized and/or personal purchases, including any associated fees.
  • If a CCard is lost or stolen, both Scotiabank and Procurement Services should be notified immediately (at the following numbers: Scotiabank: 1-888-823-9657, Procurement Services: 778-782-4388). SFU will only be responsible for purchases made up until Scotiabank was informed of the lost or stolen card.
  • The cardholder should inform Procurement Services of any contact or employment status changes (including university address, department, supervisor, etc.) 


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