Procurement Services uses a number of forms to expedite the buying of goods and services at the university. Below is a list of the forms available online. If you have any difficulties accessing the forms or require assistance, please contact the Procurement Officer assigned to your faculty or department.


Forms and Resources
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Purchase Requisitions  

The majority of purchases at SFU require a purchase requisition. If you are unsure whether or not you need to complete a purchase requisition, please see How To...

To create a purchase requisition, you must access the Purchasing Center by logging into FINS using your staff ID. Through the Purchasing Center, you will be able to set yourself up as a requester, add and manage requisitions, view purchase orders, and receive goods (if required to do so upon receipt of your purchase.)

If you need help completing the purchase requisition form, please view the PDF Guide.

NOTE: To use FINS, you will need to allow popups in your browser from

Short Form Service Agreement (SFSA)  

The Short-Form Service Agreement (SFSA) is for purchases of less than $10K (CDN, incl. all freight and taxes). There are a number of restrictions on using a SFSA, including that no computers or capital assets may be purchased using it.

NOTE: The SFSA replaces the Independent Contractor Agreement. For agreements over 10k, please contact your Procurement Officer.

Before using a SFSA, please review Making a Direct Purchase



Change Request

Oct 1, 2016

Commerical Cards (CCards) are Scotiabank cards assigned to a member of a SFU department or faculty and are designed to provide a convenient and simplified solution for low-value transactions. There are two forms: one to request a new card, and one for changes to existing cards.

See the CCard overview for full details.

Business & Travel Expenses  

Business & Travel Expenses are submitted through the Purchasing Center (accessed by logging into FINS of mySFU using your staff ID).

For full instructions on submitting business & travel expenses, please click here

NOTE: To use FINS, you will need to allow popups in your browser from

Vendor registration form


Registration Form


This form is required to register any new vendor doing business with the University and record any changes to existing vendor data.

NOTE: Submission of this form is not a contract, nor is it a promise of a contract between Simon Fraser University and any third party.

Sole-Source Agreement   Sole-source purchases are restricted by a number of exclusions and exceptions and this form should only be used if the sole-source requirement does not fall within the standard policy and guidelines for Purchasing (per Policy AD 11.01). For more details and full instructions, please review the Sole Source Guidelines PDF.
Electronic Funds Transfer   Direct Deposit (EFT application form) - Canadian Vendor/Suppliers only
Object Code and Category Mapping Oct 1, 2016 The Object Code and Category Mapping spreadsheet lists all Procurement FINS Category Codes and their associated Object Codes.
Surplus Asset Disposal Form May 16, 2017 This form is required to register assets for disposal.

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