Social Procurement

Social procurement considers how the process of buying goods and services for the university can positively impact the social well-being of our communities and help reduce poverty, promote economic and social inclusion, and support local economic development and social enterprise. It also fosters supply chain diversity and workforce development initiatives within procurement processes to promote inclusive economic growth. As purchasers of millions of dollars in goods and services annually, post-secondary procurement departments can be examples of how social and environmental factors can be incorporated in their purchasing practices.

Social Procurement: Amplify your Purchasing Dollars for a Better World

Social Procurement: Amplify your Purchasing Dollars for a Better World is designed to help procurement professionals in post-secondary institutions drive positive social change through their procurement activities.

The guide also identifies the benefits of adopting social procurement practices such as:

  • providing economic opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and groups;
  • supporting the growth of small, local, diverse businesses and social enterprises; and
  • contributing to the health and wellbeing of local community members and institutions.

Simon Fraser University is one of four post-secondary institutions that collaborated to produce this guide under the sponsorship of the British Columbia Collaborative for Social Innovation (BCCSI) and with support from the McConnell Family Foundation.