Sole Source Requests

In certain situations, the University may award a project or contract to a vendor without going through a public tender. When these sole-source purchases can occur is defined by a number of exclusions and exceptions (defined below). For the full policy, please see Policy AD 11.01.


  1. Review Policy AD 11.01 as well as the list of exclusions and exceptions, below.
  2. Review the Guide to Making Sole Source Purchases.
  3. If you are unsure if your requirements qualify as a sole-source purchase or for additional assistance, please contact your Procurement Officer 
  4. If you are sure that you qualify, complete the Sole Source Request Form.



  • Urgency
  • Exceptional privilege
  • Geographic considerations for construction purchases
  • Interference with security or health
  • Absence of any bids in a tender call


  • Exclusivity, compatibility
  • Only single source exists
  • Statutory monopoly
  • Lessor controls work
  • Winner of a design contest
  • Prototype
  • Subscriptions
  • Real property


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