Surplus Asset Disposal

The method of disposal and sale price of all surplus equipment and material will be the responsibility of the Purchasing Department. As such, you are responsible for reporting all equipment and material (including teaching and research equipment and furniture and office equipment) which becomes surplus to current operating requirements.

Definition of Terms
  • Asset: Resources with economic value owned by the University such as equipment, furnishings, vehicles, property and other materials.
  • Obsolete Asset: Any asset that is worn out, broken beyond repair, or is outmoded in functionality and has no more useful service life for the University.
  • Surplus Asset: Any asset (other than real property) that is no longer of use to the department, faculty or operating unit for whom the asset was purchased but still has useful service life.

Equipment and materials which are determined by the Purchasing Department to be surplus to the University's requirements will be disposed of by them in cooperation with the Facilities Management Department, in a manner which will effect the highest return to the University.

For full policy details and procedures, please see Reporting and Disposal of Surplus Equipment and Material (AD 11.10).  

To register assets for disposal, please download and complete the Suplus Asset Disposal Form, and then follow the subsequent instructions explained on the form.


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