As noted on our homepage, the purchase of goods and services at SFU is the responsibility of Procurement Services. While there are specific exceptions (notably library, facilities, and bookstores), you should assume that procurement policies apply to you. These policies apply to all SFU purchases for goods and services, including capital expenditures.

Procurement Services works to ensure that SFU obtains the best value for its expenditures while ensuring that all engagements and processes are characterized by the highest level of institutional and personal integrity; that the procurement process is open, transparent, and fair; that all practices comply with Canada’s competitive bidding laws and trade agreements; and that all qualified vendors are given the opportunity to compete for bids for which they are qualified.

Along with the specific policies and regulations that apply to purchases depending on their type and cost, please note that for any purchase of goods or services only duly authorized individuals can commit the university to supply agreements or purchase orders. Where a commitment is made in the name of the university without the proper authorization, the financial obligation will be with the person making the commitment and not the university. The list below provide the primary policies and regulations governing the procurement of goods and services at SFU. If you still have questions, please contact your Procurement Officer.



A 30.08: Release of Equipment When Faculty Leave SFU

Describes policies governing if and how equipment may be transferred when faculty move from one institution to another.

AD 3.01: Petty Cash

Describes policies around petty cash purchases.

AD 3.02: Travel & Business Expenses

Describes policies around travel and business expenses.

AD 3.03: Direct Acquisition of Goods and Services

Describes acquisitions for which a Purchase Order is neither required nor appropriate.

AD 3.11: Independent Contractor Policy

Provides guidance for determining when an Independent Contractor can provide services to the University.

AD 11.01: Purchasing Policy

General overview of purchasing policy as it applies to the procurement of goods and services at SFU.

AD 11.10: Reporting and Disposal of Surplus Equipment and Material

How to handle surplus equipment and material.

AD 11.21: Ethical Procurement Policy

Defines how the University seeks to do business with organizations that manage their affairs in a manner consistent with the University’s values and commitments.

B 10.11: Signing Authorizations Policy (PDF)

Policies around signing authorizations.

GP 37: Conflict of Interest

Describes the University's policies around conflicts of interest.

GP 38: Sustainability

Defines SFU's approach to sustainability.


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