Engaging The World Through Travel 

During a Trip

Book a Trip

Log on to Concur

Before booking a trip, you must create a user profile to 
to log on Concur. Visit the Getting Started
page for more details.

Helpful Tips

Set Travel Alerts

Once the traveller has booked their trip, they will receive helpful travel alert messages and will be kept up to date with any changes through Vision Travel. 
  • The notifications will mostly be received via email, unless opted for text message alerts in Concur.
  • Travel Alerts will only be for flights.
  • Examples of Alerts are : 
    • Flight delays
    • Storms and weather conditions
    • Gate changes
    • Flight cancellations

Get Emergency Help

In the case of an emergency during your travel, Vision Travel is available to assist and advise you 24/7.

  • During working hours assistance from SFU.
  • After Hours assistance from Vision Travel
  • For more information on getting help, visit the Contact an Agent page.

If you have any questions/concerns about the TravelSmart program, please email us at: travelsmart@sfu.ca