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Before booking a trip, you must create a user profile to 
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Q: Why should I use Concur?

  • Concur is a secure business travel booking tool that generally captures more content/options than public sites, providing users the ability to efficiently locate the lowest logical available fares. The system displays SFU negotiated rates, public rates, CAUBO rates, internet fares, seat sales and some BC Government rates for hotels & cars in BC. This enables users to make better buying decisions for air, cars and hotels without having to surf around in multiple sites. Travellers also have the benefit of the 24/7 emergency service and duty of care program.

Q: I'm worried my information will be vulnerable if stored online and might get stolen. Can that happen with Concur?

  • The information of travelers stored online in the Concur database is extremely secure and guarded. Concur does this by double encrypting the information of travellers to make sure there are no loose ends in the purpose of pre-stored information which helps travelers book travel faster, efficiently, and securely. 

Q: Is this service only for official SFU related travel?

  • This service can be used for both official SFU related business as well as for personal travel by the SFU Staff and Faculty.

Q: Why doesn’t the system accept the Primary Airport I entered?

  • Please start typing your airport and wait for the drop down menu to appear, then select the appropriate airport. 

Q: Why doesn’t my credit card get added?

  • You need to ensure that you are clicking on ‘Add’ to save this information before continuing with filling out your profile. 

Q:  Who do I contact for complex travel reservations?

  • To book a complex travel reservation, please contact the Direct Travel Consultants at 1-844-905-3824 or email: psi.travel@dt.com

Q: Who do I contact for help or changes to an existing reservation?

  • For any changes and/or cancellations to existing reservations in Concur, please email Direct Travel at onlinesupportcan@dt.com or call 1-877-575-6868
  • For any Concur technical or functional issues, please take a screen shot of the issue and email Vision Travel at onlinesupportcan@dt.com or call 1-877-575-6868.

If you have any questions/concerns about the TravelSmart program, please email us at: travelsmart@sfu.ca