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How To?

Book a Trip

Log on to Concur

Before booking a trip, you must create a user profile to 
to log on Concur. See below for details


Download a brochure style Fact Sheet below:

Click here to visit the tutorial page with all instructional videos on how to book your trip through Concur.

Create a profile

  • Email us at travelsmart@sfu.ca and let us know about your interest in using TravelSmart to book your next trip and will send you an email activation code.
  • After receiving your activation link from SFU, proceed to create a profile on ProFILER Express.
  • Log in to Concur with your ProFILER username and password.
  • Your personal homepage then lets you submit travel requests, search for your next trip, and update your profile, etc.
  • For more information, watch this instructional video on how to create your Traveller Profile:
* Updated TravelSmart User Guide.pdf
Creating a Profile (page 3)

Book a Trip

  • Book a trip for yourself, others, and groups and enjoy the benefit of specially discounted flight fares provided by Vision Travel
  • Book your flights, hotels and car rentals in just one platform to make your travel easy and efficient.
  • Follow the step by step process on booking your trip from flights to car rentals (if needed) and receive timely travel alerts from SFU about any changes in your travel plans.
  • For more information, click here to watch tutorials for:
* Updated TravelSmart User Guide.pdf
Booking a Trip (pages 4-9)

Get Assistance

  • Get 24/7 assistance from Vision Travel before, during and after your travel.
  • Receive Travel Alerts to keep yourself updated on any changes in your flight bookings. 
  • Take advantage of SFU's Duty Of Care program in case of any medical emergencies.
  • For more information on Travel Alerts, Emergency Help, and Duty of Care, visit the During a Trip page.
  • For more information on contacting a travel agent during your trip, visit the Contact an Agent page. 
* Updated TravelSmart User Guide.pdf
Getting Assistance (page 15)

Reconcile Expenses


SFU C-Card  Personal Credit Card
CCards are to be used for only SFU related business travel. Personal Credit cards may be used for both SFU related business travel and for vacations or other personal travel.
Do not have to submit a Business and Travel Expense form.  Necessary to fill and submit a Business and Travel Expense claim if using personal credit card for SFU related business travel.
Cannot be used be to book air, hotel, and car rental arrangements for your accompanying partner. Can be used to book air, hotel and car rental arrangements for your accompanying partner.
CCard expenses must be in line with SFU's Business and Travel Policy Personal credit cards may be used to book more personal travel preferences if traveling for leisure. No restrictions apply on airfares, hotels, and car rentals.
For more information, visit the After a Trip page. For more information, visit the After a Trip page.


  • For more information on reconciling your CCard and travel limitations, download the CCard User Guide.
* Updated TravelSmart User Guide.pdf
Reconciling Expenses (page 18)

If you have any questions/concerns about the TravelSmart program, please email us at: travelsmart@sfu.ca