Financial Reporting

The Financial Reporting group is responsible for the external financial reporting function. External reporting includes the year end financial statements, quarterly provincial reporting, tax returns and the yearly report to CAUBO.

In addition, the Financial Reporting group supports and maintains the FAST reporting system which provides the internal reporting for SFU. Finally, we are also responsible for endowment and specific purpose, banking and capital accounting at SFU.

We strive to provide an exceptional level of customer service to all stakeholders through finshelp, training courses and continuous improvement to our FAST reporting system.

Forms and Resources

Forms and Resources Last updated Description
2019 Community Fiscal Year End Schedule   Dec 6, 2018
 Journal Spreadsheet Dec 4, 2018

This update includes:


  • fix to the "whitespace" error
  • printing issue fixed
  • separate CDN and USD amount column


Spreadsheet Journal Guide & Training Oct 1, 2016 Online Knowledge Centre
Setting Up the General Purpose Terminal Server Oct 1, 2016 This is for MAC users who need a windows environment to run the spreadsheet journal
 Journal Voucher (USD)
Oct 4, 2016 Journal voucher form for US dollar transactions
 Journal Voucher (CAD) Oct 4, 2016 Journal voucher form
Fast FAQ Oct 1, 2016 Online Knowledge Centre
Fast User Guide Oct 1, 2016 Online Knowledge Centre
FAST Security Review Tips Oct 1, 2016 Online Knowledge Centre
Capital Project Charter Instructions Aug 17, 2018 Guide to completing the Capital Project Charter form
Capital Project Charter template Aug 17, 2018 Capital Project Charter form
Capital Project Agreement Amendment   Capital project business case and agreement amendment template
Fund 11 Project Request Form Jul 14, 2017 Fund 11 project setup form
Fund 13 Conference Project Request Form Jan 24, 2018 Conference project setup form
Fund 21 Specific Purpose Project Request Form   Specific purpose project setup form
2019/20 Month End Schedule Jun 21, 2019 Schedule of month end close dates
Petty Cash JV 
Nov 2, 2016 Revised to accommodate Oct  18/16 SSJ
Petty Cash Reimbursement Procedures
Sept 4, 2018 Petty cash procedures
Petty Cash Reimbursement Form Oct 1, 2016 Petty cash reimbursement form
 Petty Cash Custodian Oct 1, 2016 To make changes to Custodian  or Cash Float amount
 Deposit Summary Nov 24, 2016

Summary banking form for deposits

This update include:

  • Fix the error in one of the formulas
Endowment Program    
Department Request Form Jul 7, 2017 Department Governance
FINS Access Request Form - For Finance Staff Apr 1, 2019 To request additional FINS access

Contact Us

Jimmy Wong
Associate Director
(778) 782-6975
Financial reporting leadership
CAUBO report, chartfield governance: object codes    
Senior Financial Analyst
(778) 782-
FAST, 3rd party journal integration, spreadsheet journals, Pension Plan Financial Statements, Statement of Financial Information, US Tax filing IRS990 & W8-BEN-E    
Albert Sennett 
Financial Analyst
(778) 782-4709
FAST, quarterly report Appendix C (AVED), month end, SFU Foundation, related entities    
Lisa Wood
Senior Financial Analyst
(778) 782-8541
Kam Gill
Senior Financial Analyst
(778) 782-4726
Capital project accounting: Funds 52 & 59    
Funds 13, 21, 23, 61 & 62
Shawn Li 
Financial Analyst
(778) 782-3757
Charitable return, fund manager & chartfield governance of funds 13 & 21 projects.  Fund manager of funds 23, 61 & 62.  

Heather Bray
(778) 782-4020


Fund 13 & 21 administrative inquiries    
Banking, Accounts Receivable    
Alison Griffin
Financial Anyalst
(778) 782-7370
Manager banking & receivables
Chartfield governance fund 11 projects
Elizabeth Wei
(778) 782-8503
Miscellaneous accounts receivable
Banking, main account reconciliation
Paper journal input    
Sharon Wan
(778) 782-3054
Banking, main account deposits
Petty cash
Electronic journal posting    
Signing Authority
Ida Luo 
Financial Analyst
(778) 782-8713

- Signing Authority Management (SAM)
- Signing authority system access

- FINS and HAP department security tree maintenance
- Chartfield governance
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