Externally restricted

Externally restricted non-research funding: Fund 25


How do I request for a project set up for externally restricted non-research funding?

Prior to entering into the agreement or contract, the account owner who is responsible for the project should complete a SFU Non-Research Funding Application form (see Forms). Once the form is complete, send it to Legal Affairs (Li-Jeen Broshko) along with the agreement and obtain the required internal approval. When Legal Affairs has approved the agreement or contract, it should then be reviewed and approved by appointed individuals with signing authorization under SFU policy B 10.11.

The completed SFU Non-Research Funding Application form and a copy of the approved agreement or contract should be forwarded to Research Accounting.  Research Accounting will create a new project account number to keep a separate accounting record.  The account owner and Department Manager will be sent a Project Account Memo by email.


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