US Exchange Rate

The Treasury Department advises that effective Wensday, October 20, 2021 and until further notice, the posted conversion rates for accounting transactions in the University's general ledger, originating in U.S. dollars, will be revised with the following premiums being applied to US dollar conversions:


    26% premium on US dollar EXPENDITURES ($1 US = $1.2600 CDN)


    24% premium on US dollar RECEIPTS ($1 US = $1.2400 CDN)

If the Treasury Department is advised in advance, special conversion rates may be locked-in for future requirements involving transactions over US$50,000 (e.g. foreign currency receipts on large research grants or foreign currency payments on large equipment orders). This is particularly important for transactions that have a significant wait time between initiation and final delivery or payment. Please contact John Pierce at if you have questions about negotiating such arrangements.

The University will make US dollar payments by way of US dollar cheque or US dollar wire transfer. The University can also make wire payments in over thirty different foreign currencies. The University should avoid making payments by foreign currency draft if possible.

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