COVID PPE supplies communication

July 22, 2020

Based on the SFU COVID Procurement Survey results, core personal protection equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies have been purchased by Facilities’ Stores to meet SFU’s needs until the end of August.

(Another survey and more supplies will be procured for September onwards).

The supplies currently in stock are:

·       Disposable Non-medical masks: 3-ply, pleated, blue, ear loops, 50 masks
        (item# UNNDUNI1265 or SUCMED1002)

·       Face shields: each (item# CLLFACESHIELD)

·       Safety Glasses: each (item# WASW1080)

·       Hand Sanitizer: Germs Be Gone 236 ml pump (item# MKMGBGHANDSANIT),
        Cleace 500 ml pump (item# NFDC15026), Cleace 1L pump (item#

·       Disinfectant: Oxivir tb wipes 160 wipes (item# JOL5144708), Sustainable
        Earth Spray & Wipe cleaner 946 ml (item# STPSAHPRTU946G6)

·       Paper towels: Scott 128 sheets (item# KCI41482)

·       Gloves – for cleaning: latex powder 100 gloves, small/medium/large (item#

Departments can order these supplies from Facilities’ Stores via webform (shared with copy paper)

Based on estimated demand, SFU Facilities’ anticipates 3-days lead time from order to delivery.

Department orders that seem excessive may be held pending follow-up.

SFU is not concerned about supply shortages, but does ask you to be safe, yet conservative in your use of PPE and cleaning products. SFU’s primary supplier, Staples, has a robust supply chain with multiple vendors within each category of PPE and SFU’s needs are being prioritized.

If you need other COVID related supplies, you should consult with EWay, they have a wide-range of supplies including body temperature scanners, barriers (meeting tables, reception, cubicles, etc.), signage and floor decals (please consult SFU Document Solutions), waterproof keyboards and covers, waterproof computer mouse, distance learning hardware (please consult with SFU IT Services), and Victory/Clorox surface sprayers (please consult with SFU Procurement).

Every effort should be made to use an off-the-shelf or customized barrier from EWay, but Facilities’ Stores has also secured bulk Plexiglas to make custom barriers for public-facing areas.

Departments should refer to the SFU COVID-19 Guidance for Safe Work on Campus document for direction on recommended PPE and cleaning products.  

The use of bleach is being discouraged at this time due to safety concerns including potential hazardous interactions with the surface cleaning products used by Best Cleaning Services.

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