Home Office Expenses

February 15, 2022

SFU employees who worked from home during 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic are eligible to claim Home Office Expenses on their 2021 income tax filing.  Under the CRA’s new administrative policy for 2021, the taxpayer may claim home office expenses using one of two claim methods, simplified or detailed.  The simplified method does not require any extra forms or copies of receipts.  The detailed method requires completion of the T2200S form and copies of receipts.  Employees claiming home office expenses will also be required to complete Form T777S under both the simplified method and detailed method

Additional information is available on the Finance/Payroll website, along with a calculation tool to assist employees with determining their allowable deductions for home office expenses.  The university will issue T2200S forms in February, in the same manner and timing as the annual
release of T4 and T4A slips.

Home Office Expenses Guidelines

Home Office Expenses Calculator


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