Placement Test

Students qualifying in the following categories need not complete the placement test but should enrol in the course indicated below.

  • BC grade 12 French completed within the last three years with a final grade of A: enrol in FREN 211
  • BC grade 12 French completed (irrespective of grade) within the last three years who have subsequently spent at least five weeks in a French-speaking environment: enrol in FREN 211
  • BC grade 12 French completed within the last three years who do not meet either of the above two conditions: enrol in FREN 210
  • Students who have completed grade 11 French within the last three years and have not completed anymore French since: enrol in FREN 122
  • Fewer than three years of French completed in high school and no other French: enrol in FREN 121
  • No French at all: enrol in FREN 120

All other students are required to complete the placement test, including the following:

  • French immersion, Francophone programme, IB and AP students
  • student who have completed high school in a Francophone educational system in a Francophone country or province
  • college/university transfer students with transfer units in French
  • students from other provinces or countries
  • students who have completed any credit/non-credit French course of six or more weeks duration since high school
  • students who have lived (minimum 30 months) in a Francophone environment
  • special cases and any students seeking advice on eligibility to earn challenge credit for 210, and/or 211, and/or 221, and/or 222

For placement test dates, please click here.

For other information regarding the placement test please see the placement test section on the Frequently Asked Questions page.