Reece Terris, Tower Massing Cross Section View (Ought Apartment) (detail), 2009, inkjet on paper. SFU Art Collection. Purchase, 2009.

Sylvia Roberts on Reece Terris', Ought Apartment (2009)

Librarian, Communication and Contemporary Arts. SFU Library
Wednesday, April 5, 2017, 12:30pm

Unpacking Art: Lunchtime Talks on Works in the SFU Art Collection is a speaker series that invites members of the SFU community to "unpack" the context and the questions raised by works of art in the collection.

Sylvia Roberts has been a librarian at SFU since 1997, currently serving as the subject specialist for the Schools of Communication and Contemporary Arts. Working with researchers in many disciplines has provided her with a broad perspective on how information is created, disseminated, discovered, interpreted and used in academia and by society at large. To quote Linton Weeks of the Washington Post, “In the nonstop tsunami of global information, librarians provide us with floaties and teach us how to swim.” Roberts' current research interests involve visual literacy and representation of cultural institutions in archives. This talk will focus on the question of how art can be experienced at distances of time and space.

Reece Terris is a Vancouver based artist whose work alters the expected experiential qualities of a place or object through an amplification or shift in the primary function of an original design. His practice is manifest through a variety of media, including sculpture, performance, installation, and photography. Quite often through their hybrid execution, he complicates the traditional definitions of each of these.

Unpacking Art is free and open to everyone. No advance preparation or registration is necessary. Bring your lunch.


Unpacking Art: Sylvia Roberts on Reece Terris’ Ought Apartment (2009) by Emma Kenny

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