Departmental Committees 2019-20

Undergraduate Studies Committee
Margaret Schmidt (Acting Chair 2019-2020)
Shiv Balram
Tara Holland
Eugene McCann
Marina Miller (Undergraduate Rep)
Tracy Brennand, Ex Officio
Ravinder Multani / Marilyn Trautman - UG Advisor (non-voting)
Graduate Studies Committee
Suzana Dragicevic (Chair)*
Nick Blomley
Lance Lesack
Kirsten Zickfeld
Trevor Wideman (Graduate Rep)
Tracy Brennand, Ex Officio
Erin Rodgers, GP Assistant (non-voting)
Communications & Events Committee
Valorie Crooks (Chair)*
Nick Hedley
Andrew Perkins
Marina Chavez
Leah Rosenkrantz
Geoff Mann, Ex Officio (Sept 2020- August 2021)
Tracy Brennand Ex Officio (May-Sept 2020). 
Appointments Committee - CRC (Racialization & Environment)
Tracy Brennand (Chair)
Rosemary Collard
Andrew Perkins
Eugene McCann
Magie Ramirez
Kirsten McAllister
Natalia Perez (graduate rep)
Isabella Wang (undergraduate rep)
Tenure and Promotions Committee
Tracy Brennand (Chair/May-August 2020)
Geoff Mann (Chair/Sept 2020-August 2021)
Valorie Crooks
Jesse Hahm
Nick Hedley
Tara Holland
Nadine Schuurman
Sean Cox  (external)
Geography Student Union
Marina Miller (co-President)
Chris Mitchell (co-President)
Strategic Planning Committee
Tracy Brennand (Chair)
Nick Blomley
Nick Hedley
Lance Lesack
Anker Baker (non-voting)
Leah Rosenkrantz (Graduate rep/resources only/non-voting)
Geography Graduate Association President
Alex Smith
Other positions
Shiv Balram – Library Rep; FIC advisor & Academic Integrity Advisor

•    Chairs with 3-year terms expiring 2021
The term for all committees is from September 1 to August 31 except for the TPC & CEC, which are from May 1 to April 30.