Impact of Giving

Gifts to the Department of Geography at Simon Fraser University provide much needed support for students, research, and community engagement activities. We are grateful for the ongoing generosity of our supporters.

Geography Undergraduate Fieldwork Fund

The physical geography field school is all about seeing things from new perspectives. Thanks to a generous alumni donation, students on this years field school were treated to a birds-eye view as they piloted tethered helium filled balloons and used a payload of time-lapse cameras to capture and map the ground surface.

The experience provided valuable opportunities to work through the challenges of full-scale data collection and processing, developing a workflow that took them from data capture to linking the resulting images to the surveyed ground surface. We look forward to building on this experience next year, continuing to provide students with quality educational field experiences, in partnership with those who support SFU Geography!

To find out more details see page 9 of the July, 2019 Alumni Newsletter

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