Seminar - What Is Geography? #02

November 20, 2014

Seminar #2 : Modeling Changes in Bed Surface Texture and Aquatic Habitat Caused by Run-of-River Hydropower Development

  • Speaker : Ted Fuller, PhD, SFU Geography Post -doc
  • Date : Thursday, Nov. 20th
  • Time : 12:30 ~ 2:00 pm
  • Location : West Mall Centre 2220
  • Blurb :Run‐of‐river (RoR) hydropower has emerged as an important alternative to large reservoir‐based dams. The talk will describe our approach to predict changes in surface grain‐size downstream of RoR projects, relate our predictions to salmon spawning habitat and discuss how this research might be used as an environmental decision‐making tool.
  • Seminar Coordinator: Dr. Janet Sturgeon