Successfully Negotiating Fieldwork, Writing, and Publishing: A Faculty's Member's Perspective

January 21, 2016

Paul Kingsbury: During my decade-long career as a faculty member in SFU’s Department of Geography, I have observed that one of the biggest challenges facing graduate students is the negotiation of fieldwork, writing, and publishing. Such a negotiation involves not only dealing with the tasks that comprise each activity, but also the task of how to make each activity relate or ’speak' to one another. I highlight practices that can lead to successful fieldwork, writing, and publishing, as well as ways in which these three areas of research can productively inform one another. Regarding the former, I highlight the role of the imagination in fieldwork, the craft of writing, designing an article's structure, and responding to referees’ criticisms. In terms of the latter, I explore how the planning of an article can help guide fieldwork, how the results of fieldwork can orient the selection of journal venues, and how a sequenced approach to publishing can ease the pressures of writing.

Paul Kingsbury is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at Simon Fraser University. His research uses the social and spatial theories of Jacques Lacan and Friedrich Nietzsche to explore cultural geographies of desire, power, and aesthetics. He is the author of numerous journal articles and the co-editor (with Steve Pile) of Psychoanalytic Geographies (2014, Ashgate) and (with Gavin Andrews and Robin Kearns) of Soundscapes of Wellbeing in Popular Music (2014, Ashgate).

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