Public Talk: Climate Change and YOU - Making 1.5 a Reality, a panel presentation by Simon Donner, UBC; Kirsten Zickfeld and Mark Jaccard, SFU

March 31, 2016

The Canadian government stunned many at the Paris Climate Change Conference in December when they supported a 1.5 degree ceiling on climate warming.

Where did this number come from?
What would it mean for both the Canadian and the Global carbon budgets?
How could we actually do it?

The Faculty of Environment at SFU invites you to join three Vancouver-based world experts - one climatologist specializing on impacts in the tropical Pacific, another specializing on global carbon budgets, and a resource economist - as they tackle this latest twist in the tale that is the galloping Anthropocene.

Panelists: Dr. Simon Donner, Geography UBC; Dr. Kirsten Zickfeld, Geography and Mark Jaccard, Resource and Environmental Management, SFU

See attached flyer for more information.