SFU Geography Spatial Interface Research Team takes 3rd place in national 2015 App Challenge

March 25, 2015

SFU Geography is delighted to announce that a team of 3 SFU Geography Spatial Interface Research Lab students took 3rd place in a national competition.

10 teams from Canada's leading GIS/GIScience/geomatics departments entered the 2015 Esri Canada Centres of Excellence App Challenge. Teams had exactly 7 days to design, develop and implement spatial analytical mobile app prototypes. Project topic options were not known in advance.

Teams from Waterloo, McGill and SFU took first, second and third place, respectively.

TeamSFU designed "EPI-centered" - an intelligent earthquake situational analysis tool (linking multiple spatial information sources) for citizens to make pre and post earthquake decisions about shelter, evacuation and access to critical resources.

Congratulations to TeamSFU:
Sonja Aagesen
Tom McKay
Ian Lochhead

Spatial Interface Research Lab is continuing development of this app immediately, so if you have any questions regarding the project/app, please direct them to me at hedley@sfu.ca