Congratulations to our Graduates - Fall, 2015 Convocation

October 10, 2015

The Department of Geography would like to recognize and, more importantly, congratulate the individuals listed below – together, they comprise the most recent cohort of graduates from our programs.

Bachelor of Arts (Geography Major)
Neszo, Brian Alan
Van Vliet, Megan Crystal
Zhang, Rui Dong

Bachelor of Science (Physical Geography Major)
Jiang, Hua Juan

Bachelor of Science Second Degree (Physical Geography Major)
Wanczura, Angela Halina

Certificate in Spatial Information Systems
Hsu, Eric Tao
Kwok, Andrew Chun-Wan
Willson, Andrew Frederick Philip

Certificate in Urban Studies
Ekeli, Stefanie Lorencie
Samels, Renee Juliette

Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Specialty Major)
Chadwick, Alison Liette
Choi, Woojay Jessie
Dadson, Jeffrey Thomas
Ekeli, Stefanie Lorencie
Fickell, Jessica Dorothy
Hsu, Eric Tao
Kang, Sukhraj Singh
Kwok, Andrew Chun-wan
Lin, Rui
Linde, Michelle Christine
McAlpine, Lindsay Marie
Newton, Bradley Campbell
Park, JeongSoo
Revill, Yosuke Justin
Samels, Renee Juliette
Schmale, Jenell Margaret
Teixeira, Shea Marc
Tremblay, Brett Albert
Wall, Emily Ann
Willson, Andrew Frederick Philip

Congratulations to our graduates - we wish you all the best in your future successes!