2016 DGS Award for Excellence - Suzana Dragicevic

May 19, 2016

Suzana Dragicevic has been presented with the 2016 DGS Award for Excellence. Simon Fraser University presents the Dean of Graduate Studies Award for Excellence in Supervision annually to recognize excellence in the supervision of graduate students.

The winners of this award exemplify the following:

  • Sustained record of excellent graduate supervision
  • Ability to stimulate graduate students to think creatively and critically
  • Provision of a supportive environment to develop as a scholar
  • Commitment to the graduate student learning experience
  • Fosters research, performance and/or practice-based skill development
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm for and innovation in graduate student instruction/teaching
  • Provides exceptional guidance to students applying for internal/external financial support
  • Student's supervised degree completion times and degree completion rates relative to program expectations.

Congratulations Suzana!