Congratulations to our Graduates - Spring, 2016 Convocation

June 06, 2016

The Department of Geography would like to recognize and, more importantly, congratulate the individuals listed below – together, they comprise the most recent cohort of graduates from our programs.

Bachelor of Arts (Geography Major - Honors)
Bagneres, Luc Alexis
Boothroyd-Roberts, Gabriel

Bachelor of Arts (Geography Major - Second Degree)
Anderson, Janet

Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Specialty Major Honors) 
Swanlund, David Andrew

Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Specialty Major) 
Campbell, Jordan William Keith
Catton, Jordan William Keith
Cheung, Cho Ho
Cooper, Amelia Kate
Falk, Hilary Jae
Favelle, Kelsey Leigh
Minhas, Jasmine Kaur
Rowden, Suzann Corrine
Schouten, Cora Leigh

Bachelor of Science (Physical Geography Major)
Fairweather, Kirstin Holly
Holman, Kiyomi Christina
Leung, Gavin Ka Hang
Mahmoudi, Mobin

Bachelor of Business (Geography Major)
Wasylynko, Gareth Michael

Certificate in Spatial Information Systems
Brown, Nicole Aileen
Cooper, Amelia Kate
Holman, Kiyomi Christina
Homewood, Walter Robert
Kelly-Mckinnon, T'Brenn
Leung, Gavin Ka Hang
MacIntosh, Taylor John
Romhanyi, Alia Jade
Swanlund, David Andrew

Certificate in Urban Studies
Lui, Jason
McFarlane, Alana Marie
Peggi, Riccardo
Samels, Renee Juliette
Thompson, Samantha Pamela

Bachelor of Arts (Geography Major)
Barbour, Teresa Ann
Brown, Nicole Aileen
Carpenter, Gina Tess
Chan, Julia
Chan, Wayneson
Collins, Hannah Michelle
Dhillon, Sukhdip Kaur
Dow, Stuart
Edgecumbe, Emily Suzanne
Ellenwood, Stuart McInnes
Hamilton, Heather Gayle
Harvey, Danielle Alexandra
Kelly-Mckinnon, T'Brenn
Kennedy, Gillian Mary
Lawson, Tory Marie
Lee, Justin Ka Ho
Luff, Dane Patrick
Lui, Jason
MacIntosh, Taylor John
Matheson, Torri Anne
McGill, Patricia Gail
McPherson, Amy Sarah
Molinari, Luca Paul
Novak, Christina Nadia
Paiero, Anthony Italo
Palade, Ioana Silvana
Patel, Bhavina Jayant
Peggi, Riccardo
Samels, Renee Juliette
Siu, Man Lok
Soelistio, Andrew
Vosilla, Celina Jade

Congratulations to our graduates - we wish you all the best in your future successes!