Congratulations to our Graduates - Fall, 2016 Convocation

October 07, 2016

The Department of Geography would like to recognize and, more importantly, congratulate the individuals listed below – together, they comprise the most recent cohort of graduates from our programs.

Bachelor of Arts (Geography Honours)

Wakely, Michael Gordon James

Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Specialty Major)

Allard, Gayatri Nur
Berger, Christian William
Zhou, Tian

Bachelor of Arts (Geography Major)

Allan, Matthew James
Campbell, Alexander Raymond
Gall, Bianca Margarete Jean
Harrison, Christopher Joseph
Nichol, Shawna Vanessa
Nimchuk, Victoria Lynn
Parmar, Amrit Kaur
Smith, Shannon Colin
Wong, Joshua Tze Ho

Bachelor of Science (Physical Geography Major)

Pietrusinski, George Andrew
Uzelac, Joseph

Bachelor of Business Administration (Geography Joint Major)

Beja, Vanessa Christine Agostinho

Certificate in Spatial Information Systems

Berger, Christian William

Certificate in Urban Studies

Allan, Matthew James

Congratulations to our graduates - we wish you all the best in your future successes!