Staff achievement award for work performance

December 08, 2016

B-Jae Kelly, who was our Resource Specialist of 9 years before becoming our Manager of Logistical and Technical Operations in 2013, has received this years SFU staff achievement award for work performance. 

B-Jae has a remarkable set of skills ranging from accounting, purchasing, operation and maintenance of specialized lab and field equipment, and computer hardware and software, safety and risk management, and personnel management.  He is also extremely competent, quietly confident, a skillful mediator, proactive, dedicated, loyal, capable, dependable, and a consummate team player with an infectious positive attitude. He has built a team whose motto is "Consider it done" and indeed it is.

Simply put, B-Jae exceeds all expectations on a daily basis.  His unfailing loyalty and positivity has earned him the respect of all his colleagues.  To this end his nomination was accompanied by 20 letters of support from the Dean's Office, faculty, staff, postdocs and graduate students that storied, often in technicolour detail, his breadth of skills and character that make him pivotal to the smooth operation of the Department of Geography.

B-Jae's hard work and dedication have been recognized.  Congratulations B-Jae!