Congratulations to our Graduates - Fall, 2017 Convocation

October 06, 2017

The Department of Geography would like to recognize and, more importantly, congratulate the individuals listed below – together, they comprise the most recent cohort of graduates from our programs.

Bachelor of Arts (Geography Honours)

Lord, Gabriel Tai

Bachelor of Arts (Geography Major)

Bond, Taylor Lynn Ruby
Campbell, Matthew Robert Malcolm
Chen, Haokun
Dzugan, Candace Allana
Leung, Chi Ho Elliot
Millar, Allison Rae
Mondair, Rubina
Yan, XiaoXi

Bachelor of Environment (Global Environmental Systems Major)

Lambier, Andrea Jolene

Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Specialty Major)

Ngo, Trung Bao
Tarlit, John Richard

Certificate in Spatial Information Systems

Ngo, Trung Bao

Certificate in Urban Studies

Campbell, Matthew Robert Malcolm
Chen, Haokun
Lingren, Hannah Zula
Lord, Gabriel Tai

Congratulations to our graduates - we wish you all the best in your future successes!