New President's media award - Paul Kingsbury

February 28, 2018

From SFU News

A Geography professor (Paul Kingsbury) whose paranormal research attracts national and international media is being recognized with a new SFU award. The award recognizes an SFU expert who has outstanding results in working with the media to promote research or to comment on current events.

Kingsbury’s research focuses on the recent growth of beliefs, practices and experiences related to the paranormal. His media relations efforts led to more than 250 articles, including front page stories in the Vancouver Sun and other media, as well as numerous radio and TV spots, including North America’s most popular late-night show, Coast to Coast AM, with a reach of nearly three million weekly listeners.

His November article on crop circles published in The Conversation went on to be re-published by Newsweek and Live Science. “It’s important that we connect with the media because it not only dispels the dangerous myth that academics work in "ivory towers,” it also shows the power of our research to explain fundamental processes that shape the world around us,” says Kingsbury. “In my case, as a social scientist, I hope my interviews with the media help to illustrate the ‘everydayness’ of people’s paranormal beliefs and experiences, as well as the recent growth of paranormal investigation cultures, such as ghost investigators, that aim to give clients peace of mind - and UFO and Sasquatch conferences that resemble conventional academic sites of learning and teaching."