The second remote Geography Grad Research Day

May 17, 2021

The second remote Geography Grad Research Day

The Geography Grad Research Day 2021 was held on May 13th at 10am PT via the Zoom platform. There were 29 enthusiastic participants in attendance, including geography graduate students, faculty, staff, and guests. This was our second remote GRDay event during the Covid-19 pandemic. The graduate student presenters addressed a variety of interesting topics related to their respective thesis research. The talks were:

Diandra Oliver, PhD student, "On the Edges of the adultism: Strategies for doing research with young people that meet their demands for economic justice"

Lise Mahieus, MA student, "Envisioning neighborhood futures through public space: The case of Vancouver's China Town"

Andrew Longhurst, PhD student, “Reshaping public health care: The spread of market-oriented primary care reforms”

Howard Tenenbaum, PhD student, “Weaponizing lex loci: The banking and finance laws of Delaware and South Dakota”

Kendra Munn, MSc student, “Extending spatial multicriteria evaluation methods for suitability analysis in 3D"

Adrienne Arbor, MSc student, "Augmenting BC soil data using pedotransfer functions"

Special thanks to Erin Rodgers and Erin Huddleston for making this event possible. With wishes that GRDay 2022 will be F2F, please stay well!