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We hope this page will serve to connect SFU Geography alumni and act as an inspiration to current SFU Geography students.  Student advisors have agreed to answer career questions. If you would like to add your information to this page please contact the External Relations Committee Chair, Paul Kingsbury. If you are a current geography undergraduate who wishes to receive career advice from one of our recent graduates, please email one of our Alumni Advisors below. The Alumni Advisors can provide feedback or help put you in touch with other Alumni who are more closely related to your specific career interests.

Alumni Advisors

Christopher Correia

Rachel Forbes

Wes Regan

Derek Ray

Mike Tippett

Christina Neudorf

Alumni Interviews

Lee Gavel - BA Geography, 1974
Terry Simmons - MA Geography, 1974
Bill Nelson - BA Geography, 1980
Kevin Stranack - BA Latin American Studies & Geography, 1990
Giovanni Gunawan - BA Geography, 2014
Paige Ritchie - BA Geography, 2014

Alumni Stories

Greg Andruff
Christopher Correia
Rachel Forbes
Tyler Herrington
Peter Jones
Tim Jones
Deanne Katnick
Maziar Kazemi
Tim Martin
Russell Nelson
Peter Ojamaa
Scott Leroux
Lui Passaglia
Angus Reid
Wes Regan
Mike Tippett
Nelson Winterburn
Andy Longhurst
Simone Engels

Alumni Events

Alumni Q/As

Tanya Behrisch

Steve New

Lisa Brunner

Garry Paget

Simon Dalby

Nick Rong

Alistair McVey

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