Claude-Michel Nzotungicimpaye

Program: PhD
Supervisor: Kirsten Zickfeld


  • Climate science and modeling
  • Climate-carbon cycle feedbacks
  • Methane in the permafrost carbon feedback


Peer-reviewed Articles

2. Nzotungicimpaye C.-M. and Zickfeld K. (2017). The contribution from methane to the permafrost carbon feedback. Current Climate Change Reports3, 58-68.

1. Nzotungicimpaye C.-M., Abiodun B.J. and Steyn D.G. (2014). Tropospheric ozone and its regional transport over Cape Town. Atmospheric Environment87, 228-238.

Edited Articles

1. Nzotungicimpaye C.-M. (2014). Action or inaction on climate change: Potential implications on future moisture availability in the Nile Basin. Africa PortalNo. 3, pp. 18, March.


2. Local variation and regional transport of tropospheric ozone over Cape Town
December 2013, University of Cape Town.

1. Modèle linéaire généralisé : Application dans la prédiction de la qualité du café rwandais
November 2008, National University of Rwanda.