Margaret Marietta Ramírez

Assistant Professor

As an interdisciplinary urban scholar, my work explores how the creative geographies of marginalized peoples are policed, co-opted and resist in gentrifying cities. I engage with urban studies, Black, Latinx & Indigenous geographies, performance & sound studies, and cultural theory to understand how creative forms of resistance produce meaning in the space of the city.

For over five years now,  I have been envisioning and conceptualizing 'decolonial geographies' with Dr. Michelle Daigle at the AAG meetings and through our collaborative writing. Since 2017 I have collaborated with the Anti Eviction Mapping Project, and I am a co-editor of the 'Indigenous Geographies of Resistance' chapter of AEMP's edited volume Counterpoints: A Bay Area Atlas of Displacement & Resistance with Savannah Kilner, to be published in Fall 2020 with PM Press. I am also a founding member of the Latinx Geographies Specialty Group, currently serving as Co-Chair with Dr. Madelaine Cahuas.

Before joining the faculty at SFU, I was a Creative Cities Fellow (2018-19) at Stanford University and a Lecturer in Urban Studies (2018) at San Francisco State University. I earned my PhD (2017) and MA (2011) in Geography at the University of Washington and my BA (2006) in Interdisciplinary Studies at UC Berkeley.

Research Interests:

  • Race and urban space
  • Black and Latinx geographies
  • Social and environmental justice movements
  • Art-activism and creative geographies
  • Decolonial and anti-colonial geographies
  • Feminist methodologies

Selected Publications:

Ramírez, M.M. (2020) Take the houses back/Take the land back: Black and Indigenous urban futures in Oakland. Online first:

Ramírez, M.M. (2020) City as Borderland: Gentrification and the Policing of Black & Latinx Geographies in Oakland. Environment & Planning D, 38 (1), 147-166.

Daigle, M. and Ramírez, M.M. (2019) Decolonial Geographies. Keywords in Radical Geography: Antipode at 50, 78-84. DOI: 10.1111/anti.12455

Ramírez, M.M. (2019) ‘Propertied liberalism in a borderland city’, in Porter, L., Sanyal, R., Bergby, S., Yotebieng, K., Lebuhn, H., Ramírez, M.M., Figueirdo Neto, P., and Tulumello, S. Borders and Refuge: Citizenship, Mobility and Planning in a Volatile World. Journal of Planning Theory & Practice, 20 (1), 99-128.

Ramírez, M.M. (2018) ‘Reckoning with decolonial praxis’, in Naylor, L., Daigle, M., Zaragocín, S., Ramírez, M. M., and Gilmartin, M. Intervention: Bringing the decolonial to political geography. Political Geography, 66, 199-209.

Ramirez, M.M. (2015) The elusive inclusive: Black food geographies and racialized food spaces. Antipode, 47 (3), 748-769.


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