Geographical Political Economies

Members of the GPE cluster study the diverse workings and spatial manifestations of economies and markets.  We also study policy, governance, and the institutions of the state.  Crucially, much of our work focuses on the inter-relation of economies and politics.  We trace how these processes, practices, and institutions shape and are shaped by local and global transformations and by natural and social environments. Our research transcends sub-disciplinary boundaries among economic, environmental, health, political, and social-cultural geographies.  Specifically, we research the discovery, development, and conservation of resources, location dynamics, the globalized delivery of health services and systems, tourism and resource communities, regional economic development, the geographies of law and property, capitalism and the state, and the political ecology of borderland minority groups.  Members of the GPE cluster have global reputations for research excellence and are also among SFU’s best teachers.

Research Groups