A Message from the Geography Graduate Association

Geography is a diverse discipline, and attracts a diverse group of people. SFU Geography grad students represent five continents, and more than a dozen countries. Our research covers everything: animal, vegetable and mineral; people, from the individual to the global; earth, air, fire and water.

Two things keep this combination working: the first is challenge. We are constantly challenged with new viewpoints, techniques or methods that strengthen our own work. We are also challenged to present ourselves to a broad range of audiences, which improves our thinking and communication skills. The annual student-led Grad Research Day is testament to our grads ability to discuss topics across the whole spectrum of Geographical research.

The second is our social life. When we step away from our desks, we find friendships with common interests far from our academic pursuits, and it’s these friends that help us thrive against the inevitable trials and tribulations of grad school. Regular social events, from coffee breaks, to evenings at the pub, to our annual retreat to Whistler help to strengthen this cohesion and improve our student experience.

As SFU Geography Grads, we take responsibility for our professional development, and are active within the department and across the University. With great support from the department and the SFU Grad Student Society, we head to conferences together, arrange faculty panels to learn from their experience and organise numerous other professional development events throughout the year. It’s great to see grads get involved from their first day to their graduation. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Executive Members

  • President: Alex Smith
  • Vice-president: Travis Gingerich
  • Secretary: Katie Gravestock
  • Treasurer: Matthew McKitrick
  • Social Chair:
  • GSS Councillor and Alternate:
  • TSSU Representatives:
  • Graduate Studies Committee Rep: Trevor Wideman
  • Strategic Planning Committee Rep: Leah Rosenkrantz
  • Departmental Meeting Rep: Carly Doran (Travis Gingerich - alternate).