Certificate Programs

SFU Geography offers certificates in Urban Studies and Geographic Information Science (GIS)

Undergraduate certificates can enrich your academic experience at SFU.  You may tackle a certificate while working towards your main degree.

Certificates allow students to focus on a specific area of interest within their ongoing degree.  Or they can encourage cross-disciplinary studies by bringing together courses from different departments.  In practical terms, certificates allow students an opportunity to emphasize highly specific interests and skills.  They do so by giving students a second credential – recognized on their academic transcript – without requiring numerous additional courses beyond their main degree program.  Moreover, certificates can readily alert potential employers to the fact that a student has concentrated in a specific academic area without the need to ‘dig’ for such information among the intricacies of a university transcript!

Certificate in Urban Studies

The Certificate in Urban Studies encourages students to explore the nature and functions of the modern city from a cross-disciplinary perspective.  Breadth of perspective is mandated by requiring students to take urban courses from a number of departments across campus, including Geography, Political Science, and Sociology & Anthropology. This popular certificate is SFU’s only exclusively urban credential at the undergraduate level.

Certificate in Geographic Information Science

The Certificate in Geographic Information Science [GIS] is based on courses taught by one of the strongest and most diverse SIS research groups in Canada.  GIS is an exciting field of Geography that includes Geographic Information Science; spatial analysis and modeling; geovisualization; geospatial interface research; remote sensing; and mobile networks.  Together these form a cutting-edge cluster of technologies and intellectual endeavours that provide insight into spatial phenomena and their geographical context.

Please refer to the SFU calendar for program and course details.

Some nuts and bolts....

  • Courses taken as part of a certificate program may also be applied towards a degree program;
  • But credits applied to one certificate may not be applied to another SFU certificate or diploma;
  • Students are responsible for satisfying the prerequisites of all courses included in a certificate program;
  • Students may complete and apply for a certificate before, after, or at the same time as application is made for graduation;
  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required in those courses taken for the certificate;
  • Students should consult with the Department Advisor as early as possible for program admission; formal approval is required before completion of a certificate.