Undergraduate Degree Programs

What we offer

Human Geography B.A.

Human Geography is the study of the earth’s surface as the space within which the human population lives.  As such it investigates the nature, organization and distribution of human activities and the nature of human-environment relationships.

Physical Geography B.Sc.

Physical Geography is an earth systems science that weaves together studies of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere to investigate our environment and the powerful forces and events that influence our lives and the many ways we are altering the Earth’s environmental systems.

Geographic Information Science B.Sc.

Geographic Information Science is the theory and practice of spatial or geographic information system technologies to view, understand and interpret data in the form of maps, figures and models.  GIScience involves computer cartography, remote sensing, spatial data analysis and geovisualization.

Global Environmental Systems B.Env.

Global Environmental Systems (GES) majors develop expertise in social and biophysical systems at the global scale.  They study the consequences of these systems and how their negative effects might be mitigated.  Students participate in advanced biophysical, socioeconomic data analysis and modeling courses.

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