Geographic Information Science B.Sc.

The aim of the BSc in Geographic Information Science is to provide a theoretical and applied training in the computational analysis of geographical phenomena.

Geographic Information Science combines theoretical and practical issues surrounding the visualization and analysis of geographic and spatial phenomena.  This BSc program offers a broad education in geography concentrating on the theories and technologies of geographical data acquisition, processing and interpretation.  Students explore the merits of different methods for the digital representation of spatial phenomena on the earth’s surface.  They learn how to model data effectively; how to visualize those models; and how to think critically about spatial analysis.

Students who choose to specialize in Geographic Information Science will gain a broad theoretical understanding of spatial information and its digital representation, and a set of practical skills that make them well qualified to contribute to innovation and management in an increasingly spatial world.  Private companies and public sector employers have growing needs for workers who can help them take advantage of their investments in spatial data infrastructure and management.  Firms and agencies dealing with natural resources, energy production and distribution, transportation, waste management, etc., now require GIS training for many career paths.  Students are encouraged to participate in Cooperative Education to experience these and other career opportunities.

The BSc in Geographic Information Science is an independent program within the Faculty of Applied Sciences, jointly administered by the Department of Geography and the School of Computing Science.  Students who enroll take a broad array of courses in both Geography and Computing Science, much as they would in a joint major.  Note:  it is necessary to maintain a CGPA of 2.5 to remain in the Geographic Information Science major program; and 3.0 to remain in the honours program.

See also the Certificate in Spatial Information Systems.

Please refer to the SFU calendar for program and course details. We offer a major and honours in Geographic Information Science.